Six Picks

 Garry's Best Solo / Two-Player Games of 2015

 Baseball Highlights 2045
7 Wonders: Duel
Risk: Star Wars Edition

 Only one solo game grabbed my interest this year, Sylvion (although I've since parted company with it, deciding I'd rather play Onirim if I had a choice). However, there were some fantastic two player games. Baseball Highlights 2045 (which also has a good solo mode) is a great distillation of the sport, while Patchwork, Trambahn and 7 Wonders: Duel are just very solid designs - the last probably being my favourite 2015 game of all. And Risk: Star wars Edition is a fabulous duel between the Empire and the Rebels over the Death Star, fought over three different battlegrounds. Plus, it is NOT Risk.

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