Date: 13th August 2010
Game played: Colosseum ( Days of Wonder ) BGG Id: 27746

This week, Mark K suggested we try Colosseum again, which I've not played since it first came out and what a close finish it ended up being. Mark K put on his opening show three times during the game, partly because the medium event tile he was working towards in round 4 was pinched by Mark G from under his nose. However, he still managed to attract lots of season ticket holders (obviously unable to believe that the same show could be put on yet again). Guy suffered from a lack of VIPs turning up to his events and Mark G seemed prepared to keep putting on medium sized shows, which I thought would have left him right out of it. However, through good use of the rest of his resources, he ended up within three of the winning score. I took a gamble on round 4 by buying my large event tile a round earlier than I had originally planned. However, it made sense as I was able to capture three star performers and two VIPs - who I didn't think would be in my vicinity on the final round. Hence my last turn was more about trying to protect my lead, so I bought the large event I thought Mark K was working towards (even though he wasn't as he was one coin short of being able to put on that show). In hindsight, I should have bought a season ticket instead as my repeat performance ended up scoring exactly the same 84 points I had gathered in the previous round, whereas I thought I would have lost more points through pilfering of my resources and disappearing VIPs. As it was, Mark K's final performance ended up 2 points shy of my total, although had he not been forced to use one of his emperor tokens for cash, the extra spectators would have been enough. Phew! Great game but just a little long for what it is to play regularly.

Mark K
Mark G

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