Date: 6th August 2010
Game played: Raceway 57 ( Front Porch Classics ) BGG Id: 18891

We still had time for a third game and decided to try Raceway 57 that Mark K had brought along. This is an old design that was republished by Front Porch Classics in 2005 and is very nicely produced. The game also has a bit more going on than we had expected. Movement is dictated by dice roll or play of one of your limited three cards, although the cards permitted to be played are also restricted according to your position in the race. You also have to manage your fuel, suspension, tyres and chassis with more wear being suffered the further you move and different elements being affected by where you end up on the track.

We played a three lap race and we were surprised at how quickly our cars were degrading. Pit stops are essential as the penalty for blowing one of your components is severe - you only ever get to move two spaces until you get back to the pits. Mark G went into the pits twice and looked to have the race nicely sewn up with a healthy car but, in hindsight probably stayed in the pits for one turn too many. Amazingly, we all bunched up on the final lap and were in a line going into the final bend. And crossing the line, both Marks couldn't be separated so it came down to a photo finish - with a dice duel. And Mark K rolled his first good total of the entire game to take the win. Good fun, although at its heart, it's still a dice rolling race but there is enough extra going on to make it interesting.

Mark K
Mark G

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