Date: 4th September 2009
Game played: Battlestar Galactica ( Fantasy Flight Games ) BGG Id: 37111

I wasn't around this week but an epic game of BSG took place at Nige's. Over to Nige for the report:

So we are in the middle of space on the way to Kobol - 3 humans and one frakkin toaster. So who is the toaster and who are the humans?

Admiral Grimes and president Nige are both installed into office. The journey started quite quietly. After initially jumping away from some Cylon raiders and a base star things settled down. Several crisis occured and were averted. Interestingly Engineer Steve was contributing little - keeping his cards very much to himself. Could he be the Cylon? At half way things were still looking good. One nasty moment where poulation was lost due to some contaminated water. A cylon was definitely aboard but who was it? Admiral Grimes was revealed as a cylon sympathiser and promptly sent to the brig! Hail Admiral Guy! I tried to get Mark out of the brig but for soime reason Mark played cards to keep himself in the brig. Now everyone was accusing me of being the Cylon Or was this some cunning plan from Mark to remove suspicion from himself?

Nearly at Kobol and finally discovery from the Cylons. Engineer Steve yet again failed to play cards. So to the brig with him. Mark and I joined forces to throw him in the brig. Admiral Guy was playing a blinder ...shooting cylon raiders out of the sky and protecting the fleet with vigour. So Guy was definitely human but who was the Cylon? Engineer Steve? Ex Admiral Mark? Or President Nige?

With 1 jump space to go to Kobol, Cylon ship near Galactica and Steve in the brig it was time to reveal myself president Nige who really was the Cylon traitor.

The ship reached Kobol - one more jump to victory. Morale was periously low. Cylon ships appeared. Cylon Nige played his super crisis cards ...cylon ships everywhere!!!! The humans could not find any jumps at all. New president Mark made three inspirational speeches but only one increases morale ..sack the script writers. With the armory hit centurions boarded galactica. Civillian ships were being destroyed ..there are cylons everywhere. The humans need to jump NOW. Engineer Steve scrambles to the jump drive for a premature jump.........and it's over - the humans make it. What a game ... gripping stuff!

I really like Battlestar Galactica - for me 4 players (maybe 5) is the optimum number as there is much less downtime. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it too. Only bad thing is that everyone got a hall of fame point but me. Never mind there is always next time

Mark G

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