Date: 4th January 2008
Game played: Giganten der Lufte ( Queen ) BGG Id: 32116

After outer space, we decided to help build the Hindenburg in Giganten der Lufte (Airships), designed by Andreas Seyfarth and published by Queen Games.

This is a similar game to To Court the King in that it involves rolling combinations of dice to gain cards that add or modify dice to your subsequent turns. Also, you can roll combinations to build an airship and later in the game part of the Hindenburg. These airships and the Hindenburg give the player the critical VPs needed to win the game. There is a balance, therefore, in concentrating on cards to improve your prospects in future turns while also grabbing airships for VPs. The game ends either when there are only a certain number of airships left to be built or when the four parts of the Hindenburg have been completed. The player with the most VPs wins.

If you like To Court The King, this is more of the same and you are likely to enjoy this as well. However, you are at the mercy of the dice and this can make or break your chances. Unfortunately, in our game, both Nige and I started out with two or three turns where we failed to achieve fairly modest die roll combinations whereas Mark K couldn’t fail for the first half of the game. This meant he always had better dice to roll than Nige and me and could get at the more lucrative cards / airships without challenge from either of us. I didn’t help my chances by accidentally upgrading one coloured card with 3 VPs attached to it to something else without VPs. Although it probably helped me in later turns a bit, I hadn’t intended to sacrifice the VPs (much to the amusement of Mark K and Nige).

It was obvious very early on that Mark was going to win and so we were glad eventually to see the game end with Mark completing the final part of the Hindenburg (his third section – I built the other one). The final scores were embarrassing and Nige’s rating clearly reflected how much he disliked this playing. Mark K and I thought it just ok and were surprised that the game came from a designer who had previously had an excellent record with us. I doubt we will be playing this again.

(Note: I added my score up incorrectly on Friday night – I’d omitted my points from the Hindenburg so I actually got 14 rather than just 8 points. No matter how hard I tried, though, I still couldn’t find more than 2 points for Nige!)

Mark K

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