Date: 20th July 2007
Game played: Pole Position ( Piatnik ) BGG Id: 7993

After Taluva, we decided to play an old favourite, Pole Position. This was designed by Gerhard Kodys and published by Piatnik in 1989. Now I know some dislike this game a lot but both Mark K and I really enjoy it. Mark G had never played before. This is a race game of positioning and outguessing your opponents. The board represents a race track with round slots representing the spaces into which cardboard discs are placed at random. The discs either show clear track or give positive / negative effects if landed upon. Each player controls 3 cars and has movement cards valued 1-9. Players simultaneously pick a card and then these are actioned from highest to lowest. Passing a car in front of you cost an additional movement point and you can’t end your turn on the same space as a car in front. If your card would land you on that space, you forfeit the whole of your move. The card played is then unavailable to you until you’ve played all 9 cards. Points are awarded for finishing position as you complete the circuit and the player with the most points from all 3 cars wins.

Mark G struggled early on to get his second and third cars off the starting grid. However, he did push on with his first car and this was first across the line. Mark K and I had good positions with the rest of our cars but Mark K kept spotting potential dangers I was trying to put in his way and managed to keep his cars out of danger and across the line before mine. However, if Mark G and I had managed to relegate his final car to last place then we would all have tied on 15 points each. It wasn't to be though and Mark K sealed his second win of the night.

I still enjoy Pole Position a lot. It's not a good simulation but it is a good fun game. When your plans don't quite work out, it is entertaining seeing what unintended consequences transpire. Good play is usually rewarded but this is never guaranteed. Fine game that should get more play.

Mark K
Mark G

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