Date: 27th April 2007
Game played: Terra Nova ( Winning Moves ) BGG Id: 20022

This is one I brought back from Essen last year but not had the opportunity of trying until now.

In Terra Nova, players try to claim areas of land by moving control markers and placing fences. Each turn, a player must take three actions, first moving a control marker, then taking two further actions from either moving a control marker (whether the same one or a different one) and/or placing a fence next to a control marker that moved this turn. Areas are scored once they're enclosed and contain no more than three types of landscape. Whoever has the majority of pieces in an area scores points based on the number of spaces and the number of types of landscape in the area, with fewer types scoring more points. Points are split in case of a tie. The game ends once all areas have been scored.

This is a game I just could not get my head around. It's not difficult but I was having trouble visualising how to achieve my plans while stopping others from spoiling them. Nige, on the other hand, got himself some nice scoring areas and Mark G looked like the only one who could catch him, as he was lined up for some large areas towards the end of the game. Mark K and I messed around a bit trying to see if we could get Mark G to steal the win (just to annoy Nige) but we gave up in the end as Nige deserved to win, despite me gifting him some points earlier in the game by not sealing off one of the areas I was working towards.

We all found this to be just ok. It's very abstract and I for one found analysing the possible moves hard work and not much fun. Not sure I'm bothered about trying this one again really.

Mark G
Mark K

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