Date: 1st May 2015
Game played: Quartermaster General ( Griggling Games ) BGG Id: 159473

The first game took just over an hour so we decided to switch sides to see how balanced the game was to one side or the other. Nige, Felix and I, as the Axis powers this time, didn't race out to the lead that the others did in the first game but we did take Moscow keeping Steve out of the action for a long part of the game. Felix and Mark G were having a ding-dong battle in China and South East Asia while I, as Italy, expanded into North Africa and was doing my bit supporting Nige as Germany in Eastern Europe. Mark K was building up a huge array of Status cards while keeping his US forces stationary in the North Atlantic ready for a big push, while also expanding in the Middle East. However, he then made a big attack on Nige's card deck and ran him out of cards. However, I was taking up the slack in Western and Eastern Europe and got us really close to the 30 point lead we needed to win. A couple of status cards of my own, together with keeping Steve off the map and Mark K being unable to get into Western Europe gave us that final push to grab the win on round 15. Everyone was pleased that in the two games, a different outcome emerged so it seems balanced as long as the teams are doing the right thing. However, it didn't stop Nige and I crowing about how poor the opposition had been in both games and suggesting to Mark G (who is normally our warmaster general) that he make sure in future that he didn't team up with anyone but just go it alone.

Mark K
Mark G

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