Date: 21st November 2014
Game played: Betrayal at House on the Hill ( Avalon Hill ) BGG Id: 10547

As the first game of Betrayal had finished before it really got started, we decided to play again. This time the omens were buried much deeper in the deck so much of the castle had been discovered when the haunting occurred. This time Mark K was in control of a gelatinous blob that was spreading through the house. We needed all hands to help combat this but Felix was stuck in the basement with Mark K's little girl character and no way to get out as we hadn't found the stairs. So while I was discovering the recipe for a potion to kill off the blob, John was supposed to be heading for the mystical elevator to try and free Felix. Felix had so much equipment and decided he was fed up co-habiting with Mark K's whiney child so he decided to toss a stick of lit dynamite to her and that was the end of her (him). John meanwhile decided to forget that he was supposed to be rescuing Felix and ignored the elevator in favour of helping me mix the potion in the hall. Three quarters of the way to getting the right recipe and with Felix finally liberated, disaster struck and John and I were turned into blob people - now trying to help the blob win. However, Inspector Gadget (i.e. Felix) wasn't to be denied and he finished the potion and the oozing blob was turned into harmless mush on the floor. This game was much better and quite a bit of fun. There's not a lot of skill or strategy to it but that's not really the point. It is an experience game and I really enjoyed it.

John R
Mark K

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