Date: 21st November 2014
Game played: Betrayal at House on the Hill ( Avalon Hill ) BGG Id: 10547

There were seven of us this week and I had asked Mark K to bring Betrayal at House on the Hill as it had been too long since I'd last tried it. Felix and John joined us. Our early explorations seemed to keep coming up with omens and although we delayed the haunting for a short while, the inevitable happened with only a small number of rooms discovered. John turned out to be the bad guy (or should that be bat guy) and we were facing a horde of blood sucking bats that had gathered outside the house. Unfortunately for John, none of the rooms that would have allowed the bats to enter the house had yet turned up. On the good guys' side, we knew we had to get to the organ room and crank up the organ to destroy the bats by the power of beautiful (or horrific) music. Now my character, Flash, was true to his word and in one bound (turn) leapt up the stairs and into the organ room, which we'd already discovered, so that I could tinkle the ivories and destroy the bats before John even got a turn to help his cause. What an incompetent bad guy - all he had to do was open a window and let the bats in but that was beyond him. A win for the good guys in less than half an hour.

Mark K
John R

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