Date: 23rd August 2013
Game played: Battlestar Galactica ( Fantasy Flight Games ) BGG Id: 37111

Nige had brought Battlestar Galactica with him and was keen to play so Andrew, Mark W and I set out to lead the fleet to Kobol and hopefully Earth. The first half of the game saw accusations flying around but no-one was being too suspicious so we guessed that a cylon loyalty card had not been drawn. Our progress towards Kobol was going ok but our morale and food were getting low, which was a concern, and once the final loyalty cards had been dished out, we knew that one of us was a cylon and it was only going to get harder for the humans. I got to look at one of Nige's loyalty cards and declared it not to be a cylon and then was able to look at both Andrew's cards as I was Gaius Baltar. I hit the jackpot and declared Andrew to be the cylon scum, suggesting we throw him in the brig straight away. Andrew, of course, said he wasn't a cylon and accused me in return. This gave Mark W and Nige a bit of a dilemma, particularly as Andrew was Admiral and I was President. So we were both thrown in the brig. I managed to get out on my next turn and the following turn declared I was the cylon (I could actually have done this from the brig but didn't know at the time).

Things were perilously close for the fleet and, three hours into the game, any disaster would have finished them off. However, they kept managing to evade the end and managed to reach Kobol, just one more jump would see them home. However, Galactica was surrounded by every cylon raider in the game and both basestars. And so it was, just one step away from being able to make that final jump and after four hours' game-time, multiple civilian ships were destroyed, morale, food and population all hit zero and the humans were defeated. Victory to Baltar, who had been a cylon from the very beginning, although that has to be one of the most nail-biting finishes ever. Good game.

Mark W

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